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alm is a nyc based designer who finds inspiration in nature and the urban environment she lives in.  working only with semi precious stones, minerals, and metals, she creates unique pieces that are timeless and original.  each piece is handmade and the design originates from the shape, cut, color of a particular stone.

NYC meanderings

From time to time, I will feature pieces from other designers that I have a particular affinity for.  I will showcase their work on this page and will have limited quantities available for purchase. Living in NYC allows me access to a wealth of gorgeous design and this will allow me to share some special unique design pieces for you to enjoy as well.

In order for you to best peruse and admire, I have created 3 categories:

Fancy Schmancy - for the occasion where you really need to bling it out and bring it on!

Simplicity Refined - understated with a touch of sparkle

Animal Kingdom - from the jungle to the sea, adorn yourself with delightful creatures

Time for some warmth & sunshine!