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alm is a nyc based designer who finds inspiration in nature and the urban environment she lives in.  working only with semi precious stones, minerals, and metals, she creates unique pieces that are timeless and original.  each piece is handmade and the design originates from the shape, cut, color of a particular stone.

Time for some warmth & sunshine!

I am so very fortunate to work with the Regent Palms located in gorgeous Turks & Caicos! It is just over 3 hours to fly there from NYC (Jet Blue!) and is an incredible escape from the harsh winter.  I will be there for a few events the weekend of January 23 and I can not wait to have the warm sand in between my toes.  On saturday January 24, I will be making customized ear rings for guests where they get to choose the components to make the ear rings! I was able to find a trove of gorgeous charms including sand dollars, sea horses, and even palm trees.

For the past year, I have created bespoke (customized) collections for the Regent Palms and I am featuring some of these on  my blog entry so you can also be carried away to the Caribbean.

Lastly, the Spa at the Regent Palms was voted the BEST in the world so make sure to visit that as well when you travel there.

If you want information about the hotel, visit

My favorite airline is Jet Blue and flies direct from JFK,



ps - will be adding more items in the next few days so make sure to come back and check it out!

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