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alm is a nyc based designer who finds inspiration in nature and the urban environment she lives in.  working only with semi precious stones, minerals, and metals, she creates unique pieces that are timeless and original.  each piece is handmade and the design originates from the shape, cut, color of a particular stone.

In the News - Going Wholesale

It has been a long cold winter but the minions at almbijoux have been very busy in creating wholesale collections.  Disney Aulani will be launching in early may, read about it here -  Also, almbijoux participated in a trade show in beautiful Charleston and presented some new collections there.  2015 is the official wholesale launch and there is a lot of work still to do.  I am in the process of changing up the website so that it remains relevant and I have eliminated some pages and added others... Trying to streamline the look and the waistline is no easy task!

The best way to get information for wholesale is to email me - I will send you line sheets and lots of other digital files.

Thanks to all my longstanding fans as well!

Sparkle on,


Bespoke is where it's at!

Time for some warmth & sunshine!